Free WIFI for the Silver Valley

Community partners have creatively come together during these uncertain times to provide essential internet connection for the Silver Valley.

There are many Silver Valley residents that don't have access to internet because of the remoteness of their homes. Due to the stay at home order, many that would have utilized public places for internet no longer have that option. Local school districts, J&R Electronics, Ednetics, and the SVEDC have come together to provide a solution while upholding health, safety, and social distancing practices.

The Silver Valley Community WIFI CO-OP is active for those needing internet services to complete homework, apply for unemployment, pay bills, and perform other essential tasks.

Active Locations

Health & Safety Guidelines

Under the advice of our local and regional health experts and authorities, we ask that people remain in vehicles when utilizing public WiFi zones.

Intended Uses

  • Unemployment Claims

  • Homework

  • Pay Bills

Unintended Uses

  • Social Media

  • Streaming

  • Gaming

Need More Information?

Colleen Rosson at the SVEDC is the primary contact for questions, concerns, and additional technology requests.

(208) 352-6239